Master Data Management solutions tend to be complex for many organizations. This complexity often leads to consumption of additional time making the overall MDM implementation experience painful. Over past few years, we have seen the vendor products advancing very rapidly, primarily to help achieve faster implementation time. But there are lot more ingredients that go into MDM recipe than just having a really cool MDM package.

Every organization is unique. There are many common use cases across organizations, but there are equally un-common characteristics. Many times we have to custom fit the solution to meet specific organization’s requirements. Identifying different master data elements and modeling them in an efficient manner is one such key aspect. I see lot of organizations struggle during initial phases of the project mainly because they simply don’t know how to best map their different master data entities into a common, sustainable model.

The Logical Data Model (LDM) which is at the core of all this makes the identification of Master Data Elements simple. In a properly drawn LDM, all master and domain data entities are easy to identify. The LDM will also define their structure and any relationships they have to transactional data entities and vice versa. Once this complexity is taken away, this approach will save you time, provide you an option to reduplicate to any additional data elements you want to introduce later and improves the quality of your solution.

I had the privilege to see preview of a new webinar by John Owens (@johnIMM) describing a whole new and innovative approach to MDM. John Owens is a thought leader who has strived in bringing simplicity, power and elegance to the world of Business Systems Analysis, Business Process Modeling, BPM and Master Data Management. Determined to change the battling continuity in establishing these systems, he has developed a series of proven techniques that remove complication from any business and leave in place elegant and powerful systems.

As a passionate advocate of MDM, Data Quality, Data Governance and all things surrounding Data, I found this webinar extremely useful in making our complex MDM implementations simpler. I feel certain my readers will also find this helpful.

You can register for John Owens webinar by using the link: Master Data Management Webinar (Affiliate link hosted by me). I will look forward to seeing you there.