In recent posts, Henrik Liliendahl Sorensen shared MDM market update and his views on how MDM landscape is slowly changing. One common area of discussion in these posts is about the attention Multi-Domain MDM is getting today.

I gave a TechGig webinar (Recording available on YouTube) late last year where I presented emerging trends in MDM. In this session; I discussed the general direction in which MDM is going and elaborated topics such as –

  • Multi-Domain MDM
  • MDM integration with Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Social MDM
  • MDM and Big Data
  • MDM on Cloud

Sure enough, Multi-Domain MDM was the key topic of discussion both in the webinar as well as the follow up questions and queries I received from the audience.

One of the important points which even The Information Difference report for MDM Landscape suggests is that many projects are significantly expanding their programs to include additional domains such as assets, locations etc. My personal experience involves working with clients implementing domains such as Vehicle (Automotive), Network towers (Location/asset data used in Telecommunications), Chart-Of-Accounts and so on. Of course these customers also have a solid implementation of Customer, Account and Product domains which are significant and often overshadow all other types.

An interesting observation is the way in which domains are perceived by customers. Organizations tend to think they are doing multi-domain implementation simply because they have their customer, employee and vendor data all in one platform. In reality, these may just be different variations of a party domain. Same thing is true about location data which includes address and geo-codes.

Multi-Domain implementations can get really challenging mainly due to fact that many MDM products are either domain or industry specific supporting only core domains. The other challenges include the un-availability of integrated data quality and standardization options for different types of entities and their attributes.

The progression of MDM and new trends are making things very interesting. I will share more on this topic in subsequent posts.

What do you think about Multi-Domain MDM? Share your thoughts via comments. Thanks!