Today’s Big Data conversation inevitably includes references to volume, disparity and complexity. Often lost in this discussion is the implication for the ultimate decision. Particularly for larger organizations, Big Data challenges amount to complex decisions that eventually impede performance.

To combat this new challenging decision environment, some businesses today are seeking an enhanced arsenal of analytical firepower that blends the right analytical software, finely tuned to perform on server hardware. This corps of technology, the data warehouse, is purpose-built to address the demands of a complex big data environment.

For companies leveraging the right technology in concert with a strong data-driven mindset, the Big Data problem has morphed into a humongous opportunity. To cash in on this newfound opportunity, business leaders need to find ways to explore large data volumes and find insights in a timely way. Companies using appliances are reaping the benefits of user satisfaction with speed and breadth of data access, both critical aspects of the decision environment.

Big Data

The opportunity for effective use of analytical appliances comes in three flavors. First, companies need the ability to tap into a broad array of data from both internal and external data sources in order to enrich their decisions. Second on the list is the ability to analyze the data and deliver intuitions. The most salient business wisdom is useless if delivered too late to impact the decision at hand. And third, the interpretations need to be relevant to a line-of-business job role, visually engaging, and easy to use.

Big data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization. We need to look for solutions, which simplify and optimize performance of data services for analytic applications and enable complex algorithms to run in minutes instead of days. This way, organizations can design, develop and execute a big data strategy that will enhance and complement existing systems and processes.

The possibilities are limitless and Big Data is already affecting each of us on our day-to-day lives. With Big Data technology on our side, we can get better at organizing, analyzing and visualizing the data at our disposal to uncover new possibilities.

Originally published on MidSize Insider August 2014

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