In the past few years, we have gone from slightly superficial knowledge of technologies to an abundance of technological innovations. Each of these technology trends have made things we only imagined into a reality.

It’s good to see a lot of improvements in the master data management area and I shared a series of blog posts about new trends in MDM. Same way, many analysts and bloggers have shared their thoughts on new advances in MDM.

Henrik Sørensen (@hlsdk) recently wrote a blog post asking – Should there an app for MDM. I replied to his tweet with a ‘Yes’ and said how MDM mobile app can be beneficial to data stewards to fix the data issues on the go.

So what are some of the main advantages of having a mobile app for MDM? Here are some of the interesting usages to start off with

  1. Provide a search page which uses MDM’s fuzzy matching capabilities to display records meeting the search criteria.Mobile App
  2. Role based access and interface which adapts to the user based on the functionality he/she is granted.
  3. Tasks appearing as notifications based on the role of the user. Specifically in the product data management where items are collectively authored.
  4. Ability to analyze and compare records side by side and option to merge duplicate records. (Bingo – I fixed data issues from my tablet sitting at Starbucks – How cool!)
  5. Access to reference data, check correctness of all possible values for a given code type.
  6. Enable access to master data without exposing corporate network and risking data leakage.
  7. Ability to wipe and lockout data in the event device is lost or stolen.

The important factor to consider is the sensitivity of the data accessed from the mobile devices. MDM app should also be made available in more than one mobile operating system; you don’t want to kill the fan boys after all.


Image courtesy of Kromkrathog/